Supplenta has developed a number of products in the telecommunications arena. Our first product was SBS Text Messenger launched in 2002 which provided 2-way SMS facilities for business applications. It was innovative at a time when SMS messaging for business applications was very much in its infancy and somewhat held in suspicion by many business. It proved to be a great success with roll outs in premium car dealerships such as BMW and Mercedes.


Our second and major product development is CallManager launched in 2004. Many innovations have been built into this product which has a basic philosophy of providing interfaces that are simple to operate. As much complexity as possible is hidden. Deeply integrated within the product are many monitoring processes  that keep track of performance of various components and entities and automatically adjust the internal workings of the system to remove the need for constant intervention by a dedicated manager and to keep performance as optimal as possible. Automation is there to assist the manager to reduce workload and allow skilled effort to be targeted to more demanding tasks.

Lock Management

Supplenta Lock Management is a system designed to work with KABA MAS Cencon locks software to provide automated means of delivering one-time open codes to crews working on cash replenishment of ATMs or ATM maintenance. Supplenta Lock Management has its own facilities for managing crew routes, ATM regions and scheduled trips. Alternatively, it can integrate with CRM systems to establish access privileges. First line maintenance visits which are, by it their nature unpredictable, can be automatically scheduled without compromising security. Many additional layers of security can be configured including  crew and region pass codes, crew trip monitoring and enforcement of close seal entry before vacating a site or accessing codes for the next location. All layers are configurable and each installation can tailor to suit its operational needs.


Voice over IP offers many benefits over traditional telephone. From being able to easily contact colleagues, wherever they may be, to much reduced call costs, to providing a platform for multimedia communications, IP based technologies are now firmly established as the preferred mode of deployment. We partner with 3CX to offer a complete installation, training and maintenance service. We have been using VoiP in our own call centre product, CallManager, since its inception and have many yeas of experience in designing and installing robust VoIP infrastructure. We provide a very competitive call price package.

Software Engineering

Over time we have developed a comprehensive approach to software design, development, deployment and maintenance which we use for our own products. We offer the same processes for bespoke development. We are experts in a range of technologies both for the Linux environment and Microsoft. We have developed systems deployed on in-house infrastructure as well as those that are hosted.

The Complete Call Centre Solution

Supplenta develop, install, support and maintain complete call centre solutions based on our CallManager product. CallManager is a suite of applications that deliver a predictive dialler, inbound callcentre, call recording and a full feature phone system. These allow an organisation to run an outbound telesales team, offer inbound call answering and customer services as well as having a complete business phone system. For outbound campaigns CallManager's predictive dialler is fully compliant with all current legislation and best practice. All calls in and out of the centre can be recorded.
Either as hosted solution, or a stand-alone on-site system, CallManager can be integrated with existing phone systems and other enterprise applications to create a seamless inbound and outbound call centre.We have helped many large and small organisations set-up new call centres or improve and update existing operations. We bring to the table extensive contact-centre industry experience. 
CallManager is a modular system. It is possible to use just the modules from the set of: Predictive Dialler, Inbound, Call Recording and Phone System as required. We provide an extensive set of tools to manage the centre, provide accurate reports and agent applications, out-of-box, to get the centre running quickly. If required, more extensive customisation and integration services can be provided by our team of developers.

CallManager is used across a wide range of business sectors including financial services, outsourced call centres, sales, business services and the charity sector.

Easy to use

CallManager administration and agent interfaces are really easy to use. By making intuitive interfaces we reduce training time. Agents and administrators can get to necessary functions quickly and efficiently.
All of the screens have been created with an eye to intuitive working. There are no cluttered screens and no deep menus.
A large proportion of the work of a callcentre administrator is to keep things running. We don't believe that it should require a full-time person to attend to matters that can be automated. CallManager has inbuilt a number of processes that constantly monitor performance of subsystems and automatically adjust parameters to keep agents talking. Automatic algorithms maximise data usage by picking the best time to call rescheduled contacts. Inbuilt algorithms remove the need for a dedicated dialler manager.

As long as there is data and agents are available, CallManager will keep the centre running.

Hosted Service

The benefits of a hosted solution are many, including the avoidance of expensive on-site server investment. Our hosted solution provides a fully managed service with backups of all critical components. With a hosted centre it is easy to locate agents and administrators in multiple locations or even from their home yet deliver a cohesive operation.
We offer a range of plans on our system from those based on a monthly rental, to ones that operate per day and for ultimate flexibility we have an hourly hosted plan. All plans can be all-inclusive with all call costs to UK landlines and mobiles included in the charge.

We can deliver a complete call centre solution in a matter of hours.


CallManager's modular structure allows you to pick just the facilities you need. It is possible to build and entirely inbound call centre, or a dedicated outbound only call centre or to combine both and in a blended inbound/outbound call centre. Call recording is an option, as is a complete business grade phone system, as part of the call centre operation.


Manual dialling leads to poor use of agent time. Predictive dialling maximises talk time. Agents do not have to deal with calls to numbers that are no longer in service, or busy, or not answering. CallManager's dialler filters out such contacts. Calls which need to be rescheduled are automatically dialled at the nominated time. Automatic callbacks reduces the wastage of data. Agents can diary calls to suit potential customers and maintain a high level of service.


Support is critical to smooth running of complex facilities such as call centres. Many systems have to work in concert to maximise productivity. Supplenta prides itself in producing reliable systems. Our development processes have evolved from having decades of experience in developing telecoms infrastructure software.We provide excellent support. During business hours you can call us, or Skype us and our skilled staff will be delighted to help. We also provide out-of-hours critical support and tailored 24 x 7 cover.

Supplenta has extensive experience of building bespoke software solutions on time and within budget. Our experience ranges from Microsoft Windows Server based solutions as well as Linux and Open Source applications. We have a well-trained, established and capable team that is well versed in building Server, Deskop, Mobile and Web Applications.
Communication is key to delivering on spec and budget projects. We ensure that your requirements are well understood. Our development methodology is iterative with the aim of producing a system that is usable at a meaningful level as soon as is practicable. It is inevitable that requirement will change. By integrating user and business feedback into the development cycle we aim to produce solutions that meet original and evolving requirements. Quick delivery keeps you informed as to the progress of projects as well as engaging the customer completely at key decision points.

VoIP Phone Systems

A VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone system uses your internet connection to connect calls to your premises. The use of the internet protocol offers tremendous flexibility over conventional POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) connections.  You can use a wide range of devices as the telephone handset from your smarphone, desktop computer or and IP phone that looks just like a conventional feature rich digital business handset. Apart from flexibility VoIP phone systems:

  • reduce call costs - by as much as 50%!
  • allow calls to be made and taken away from the office on your 'office' extension, even overseas
  • support video conferencing and other multimedia interaction
  • offer much reduced installation and equipment cost
  • can be hosted and therefore are 'portable' - when you change location, the system can move with you, easily

A regular phone lets you make, answer and hopefully transfer calls. But a VoIP service has many advantages over regular phone systems, such as more phone features, better call quality and lower cost. With VoIP, you gain functionality that improves business efficiency and helps you deliver a higher standard of customer service.

All you need for VoIP is an IP phone and a broadband router that'sconfigured for voice traffic. Supplenta offers a selection of hardware to get you set up with everything you need. Certain types of hardware work well with VoIP, meeting the needs of any end-to-end voice and data network. But good-quality products need not be expensive. They just need to be well chosen and have a good network infrastructure to support them.


We offer a complete consultation, installation, training and support package and a call charges package which is very competitive and one which will significantly reduce costs if you are still using the services of the conventional telephone providers.

CallManager comprises four modules: Predictive Dialler, Inbound, Call Recording and Phone system. It is possible to build and entirely inbound call centre, or an dedicated outbound only call centre or to combine both and in a blended inbound/outbound call centre.


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"Having worked with Supplenta for a number of years now, I can say that they are a fantastic company to work with, they always go the extra mile. CallManager has transformed our business and allowed our call centre and business to grow. Highly recommended." Jon M, Director, Mobile Sales
"We have been using Supplenta since 2005 and have to say the service is brilliant. We have used other diallers in the past and found CallManager to be industry leading, reliable and flexible." Mashud M, Director, Outsourced Call Centre
"We have used Supplenta for around 5 years and have found their dialler product to be essential in the growth of our company. Their team of experts give a personal touch and have been great with training and assistance throughout our relationship." Ben S, Director - Claims Management
"Supplenta’s dialler technology, support structure and management team have made a meaningful improvement to our overall business results in the time we have used their platform.”, Leo M, Director, Outsourced Call Centre
“We have engaged Supplenta’s services on a number of occasions, often at short notice, to provide inbound and outbound solutions of varying complexity. They have always acquitted themselves perfectly delivering on time and within budget and providing innovation when called upon. I recommend them thoroughly.”  Paul S, Head of IT & Infrastructure, Outsourced Call Centre
"I have worked with Supplenta across a number of businesses. Great team, flexible, robust product." Dave C, Director, Mobiles Sales
"Having worked with Supplenta for over 10 years, I feel confident in saying that they are a partner who you can trust. As our business has grown, Minesh, Simon and the team have worked with us  to design and deliver innovative contact centre solutions that both service and add value to our business and that of our clients." Jake W, Project Manager, Outsourced Call Centre
“Supplenta CallManager has revolutionised our outbound call processes to make them much more efficient and productive. Both throughput of calls and successful outcomes have increased. The staff at Supplenta are extremely helpful and responsive in attending to both support and development queries, I would highly recommend them." Jake G, Systems Manager, Utility Switching
“We have a long standing relationship with Supplenta and would highly recommend them. CallManager is a reliable, easy to use product with good customer service. They’re a pleasure to work with.” John R, IT Director, Financial Services

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