VoIP Phone Systems

A VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone system uses your internet connection to connect calls to your premises. The use of the internet protocol offers tremendous flexibility over conventional POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) connections.  You can use a wide range of devices as the telephone handset from your smarphone, desktop computer or and IP phone that looks just like a conventional feature rich digital business handset. Apart from flexibility VoIP phone systems:

  • reduce call costs - by as much as 50%!
  • allow calls to be made and taken away from the office on your 'office' extension, even overseas
  • support video conferencing and other multimedia interaction
  • offer much reduced installation and equipment cost
  • can be hosted and therefore are 'portable' - when you change location, the system can move with you, easily

A regular phone lets you make, answer and hopefully transfer calls. But a VoIP service has many advantages over regular phone systems, such as more phone features, better call quality and lower cost. With VoIP, you gain functionality that improves business efficiency and helps you deliver a higher standard of customer service.

All you need for VoIP is an IP phone and a broadband router that'sconfigured for voice traffic. Supplenta offers a selection of hardware to get you set up with everything you need. Certain types of hardware work well with VoIP, meeting the needs of any end-to-end voice and data network. But good-quality products need not be expensive. They just need to be well chosen and have a good network infrastructure to support them.


We offer a complete consultation, installation, training and support package and a call charges package which is very competitive and one which will significantly reduce costs if you are still using the services of the conventional telephone providers.

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