Software Development

Our Approach

We build our products in-house using our own software development team. In our work we use Agile and SCRUM. Whereas these paradigms may not always be suited to bespoke development, our team are well versed in more conventional approaches and above all in the importance of communications. Our product development methodologies aim to deliver complete working prototypes as soon as possible to real users to derive feedback and permit iteration. We believe iterative development is the best way to keep a project on track with user expectations and on budget. There is nothing like user interaction to stimulate and refine core requirements.


A Team with Experience

Our team is very experienced. We have a great deal of knowledge in building robust software products. Our engineers keep their skills up to date as we deploy the latest technologies and techniques in our own software products.

Range of Technologies

We have real world experience spanning more than a decade in:

  • Microsoft Server applications
  • Web applications
  • Solutions based on Linux
  • CRM integration
  • SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle based solutions
  • iOS Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Security Solutions 

Let's discuss your requirement

Whatever your requirement, small or large, we can help. We have completed projects lasting a day (actually a few hours) to those that have taken many months and sometimes years as we iterate release to accommodate new requirements. From simple web applications, web services to complex multi-system development we have done them all. Our team is flexible, enthusiastic and is passionate about software.

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