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The Cencon lock and its associated management and software systems have been developed in the USA by KABA-MAS Systems. Supplenta’s Lock Management System adds another layer of functionality to Cencon to extract the maximum potential of installations. We help automate routine tasks and provide additional layers of security.

Cencon Locks

The Cencon Lock is self-powered and widely used in ATMs and other applications such as access to safes and lockers that require a high level of security. The lock dispenses with conventional keys and instead requires five or six digit numeric code to be entered on the lock keypad. Each code can only be used once and such codes are, logically, called One Time Codes (OTCs).

Issuing OTCs

Field-based employees can be provided OTCs with Supplenta Lock Management. We automate the task of issuing codes. OTCs can be delivered over the phone using IVR or SMS or a smart phone/tablet app.

Layered Security

Our layered security features ensure that only those authorised get OTCs. Our security features are additional to KABA’s. For example, in Cash-in-transit (CIT) applications, we can use other data such as GPS location to ensure that the correct replenishment or maintenance service team is at the correct location.

Multiple Lock Systems

A lock estate may have evolved over time and possibly through acquisitions. Supplenta Lock Management allows estates to remain as acquired without the need to shelve and migrate locks. Field staff can continue to access OTCs through a single consistent interface.

Replenishment and FLM

We support Route and First Line Maintenance (FLM) modes. Usually route access is limited to a single operation and pre-authorised by means of a crew or refill rota. FLM access can be authorised dynamically if there is a job scheduling system in place for maintenance activities. Supplenta Lock Management can monitor job appointments and automatically grant access to a specific crew for a specific time window.

Cencon Database

Supplenta Lock Management also handles the management of close seals and synchronisation with the central Cencon Database. Getting crews to update close seals as soon as the activity is completed minimies audit trail errors.


Our solution offers a number of resiliency options and the ability to manage multiple Cencon databases and lock estate via a single unified interface.

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