Supplenta has developed a number of products in the telecommunications arena. Our first product was SBS Text Messenger launched in 2002 which provided 2-way SMS facilities for business applications. It was innovative at a time when SMS messaging for business applications was very much in its infancy and somewhat held in suspicion by many business. It proved to be a great success with roll outs in premium car dealerships such as BMW and Mercedes.


Our second and major product development is CallManager launched in 2004. Many innovations have been built into this product which has a basic philosophy of providing interfaces that are simple to operate. As much complexity as possible is hidden. Deeply integrated within the product are many monitoring processes  that keep track of performance of various components and entities and automatically adjust the internal workings of the system to remove the need for constant intervention by a dedicated manager and to keep performance as optimal as possible. Automation is there to assist the manager to reduce workload and allow skilled effort to be targeted to more demanding tasks.

Lock Management

Supplenta Lock Management is a system designed to work with KABA MAS Cencon locks software to provide automated means of delivering one-time open codes to crews working on cash replenishment of ATMs or ATM maintenance. Supplenta Lock Management has its own facilities for managing crew routes, ATM regions and scheduled trips. Alternatively, it can integrate with CRM systems to establish access privileges. First line maintenance visits which are, by it their nature unpredictable, can be automatically scheduled without compromising security. Many additional layers of security can be configured including  crew and region pass codes, crew trip monitoring and enforcement of close seal entry before vacating a site or accessing codes for the next location. All layers are configurable and each installation can tailor to suit its operational needs.


Voice over IP offers many benefits over traditional telephone. From being able to easily contact colleagues, wherever they may be, to much reduced call costs, to providing a platform for multimedia communications, IP based technologies are now firmly established as the preferred mode of deployment. We partner with 3CX to offer a complete installation, training and maintenance service. We have been using VoiP in our own call centre product, CallManager, since its inception and have many yeas of experience in designing and installing robust VoIP infrastructure. We provide a very competitive call price package.

Software Engineering

Over time we have developed a comprehensive approach to software design, development, deployment and maintenance which we use for our own products. We offer the same processes for bespoke development. We are experts in a range of technologies both for the Linux environment and Microsoft. We have developed systems deployed on in-house infrastructure as well as those that are hosted.

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