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Supplenta is a software company based in Cambridge UK with a range of innovative telecommunications oriented products. We have been in business since 2002 and over that time have acquired a significant level of experience in developing complex software products, deploying resilient systems, providing customer training, support and assistance with tailoring our systems for specific customer requirements. Our systems are robust and engineered to operate 24 x 7. Many of our current product revisions are deployed in the cloud.

Our main aims are to:

    • develop products that deliver a business advantage to our customers
    • provide products that work reliably
    • give an outstanding level of customer service
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"Having worked with Supplenta for a number of years now, I can say that they are a fantastic company to work with, they always go the extra mile. CallManager has transformed our business and allowed our call centre and business to grow. Highly recommended." Jon M, Director, Mobile Sales
"We have been using Supplenta since 2005 and have to say the service is brilliant. We have used other diallers in the past and found CallManager to be industry leading, reliable and flexible." Mashud M, Director, Outsourced Call Centre
"We have used Supplenta for around 5 years and have found their dialler product to be essential in the growth of our company. Their team of experts give a personal touch and have been great with training and assistance throughout our relationship." Ben S, Director - Claims Management
"Supplenta’s dialler technology, support structure and management team have made a meaningful improvement to our overall business results in the time we have used their platform.”, Leo M, Director, Outsourced Call Centre
“We have engaged Supplenta’s services on a number of occasions, often at short notice, to provide inbound and outbound solutions of varying complexity. They have always acquitted themselves perfectly delivering on time and within budget and providing innovation when called upon. I recommend them thoroughly.”  Paul S, Head of IT & Infrastructure, Outsourced Call Centre
"I have worked with Supplenta across a number of businesses. Great team, flexible, robust product." Dave C, Director, Mobiles Sales
"Having worked with Supplenta for over 10 years, I feel confident in saying that they are a partner who you can trust. As our business has grown, Minesh, Simon and the team have worked with us  to design and deliver innovative contact centre solutions that both service and add value to our business and that of our clients." Jake W, Project Manager, Outsourced Call Centre
“Supplenta CallManager has revolutionised our outbound call processes to make them much more efficient and productive. Both throughput of calls and successful outcomes have increased. The staff at Supplenta are extremely helpful and responsive in attending to both support and development queries, I would highly recommend them." Jake G, Systems Manager, Utility Switching
“We have a long standing relationship with Supplenta and would highly recommend them. CallManager is a reliable, easy to use product with good customer service. They’re a pleasure to work with.” John R, IT Director, Financial Services

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